Guiding Principles

Our operational excellence and track-record in sustainable and innovative service delivery is driven by our adherence to these core values, as stated:


Our employees are committed to professionalism at all times, exhibiting specialist knowledge and competency in areas of responsibility.


At GPPS we promote proper dependable and Trustworthy engineering methodologies and empower our personnel to apply these methodologies in ways that will maximize our profitability while assuring the safety, reliability and quality of our processes and services to our clients at all times.


In all that we do, we ensure complete and total accountability and we are committed to sustain it at all times.


We apply the highest ethical standards to everything we do. We believe that treating our clients, personnel and suppliers fairly and with respect we will earn their trust and build sustainable success together. Every GPPS personnel is committed to be truthful, honest and reliable.


Every GPPS person must be highly conscious of the safety issues in his operating environment and also being very concerned about health and well-being of people around.

We are committed to an incident free work place, everyday, everywhere. To us safety is everybody’s business. We continue to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.


Every GPPS person must be very prolific, proficient and must deliver on tasks with speed having the economic implication of the dealing in view.

We are predictable and reliable in our performance. We strive for excellence in everything we do in order to achieve superior business results