GPPSL Bolt (TENSIONING/TORQUING) & Flange Management Department provides standard controlled bolting solutions, safely and quickly to our customers for traceability, accuracy, integrity and leak-free startups across all bolted connections/joints during pre-commissioning, construction & shutdown turn around maintenance in Oil & Gas onshore/offshore – LNG, Production Platforms, Refineries, FPSO, Wellheads and Subsea operations.


Not exceeding the recommended bolt stress during engineering calculation, Trained/Competent Personnel, Certified/Calibrated equipment/tools and safely applying the best-controlled bolting practices & compliance with industry standards.

GPPSL technical partners LAPPUK is UK ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board) or USA ASME accredited provider for MJI/TMJI training. Our personnel are MJI/TMJI certified, experienced, competent and fully aware of bolting safety.

Our Bolting equipment is ISO 9001 and CE & TUV standard. They are very reliable, durable, strong and fit for the purpose and spare parts always available onsite.

CONTROLLED BOLTING: Preparation + Procedure = a CALCULATED Result


  • Mechanical Joint Integrity Training – ECITB or ASME MJI/ TMJI
  • Integrity-Pro Flange Management Software benefits are planning, monitoring, controlling, providing traceability of all flange connection. The database calculation engine uses the baseline standard ASME PCC – 1 2013 SECTION VIII DIV 1 to define the initial bolt load/ stress to seat the gasket.
    Its features are work pack register, flange register, drawing register, activity register, anomaly register, personnel register, tool register, and digital register.
  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning is used to tension and tighten multiple bolts at once by using 50% or 100% method according to work instruction and achieving the bolt load. It is more reliable, fast, accurate and reduces operator fatigue, saving time and improving safety and productivity. Bolt thread size coverage from 1-1/4″ to 3 1/2″. Our bolt tensioning equipment is tested, calibrated and designed at a maximum working pressure of 1500 bar. Designed to fit BS1560 / ANSI B16.5 / API flanges.
  • Hydraulic Bolt Torquing is used to apply uniform torque to bolt/ flange connection to ensure even distribution of bolt load is applied based on the work instruction. Torquing pumps and wrenches are at 700 Bar maximum working pressure are tested and calibrated with an accuracy of +/-3. Our low profiles have 5 models ranging from 232-44593 Nm with wrench sizes from 1-7/16’’ – 5-3/8’’ A/F while the Square Drive ranges from 183 – 34725 Nm with drive sizes from ¾’’ – 2-1/2’. Designed to fit BS1560 / ANSI B16.5 / API flanges.
  • Manual Bolt Torquing is used to apply uniform torque to bolted connection by achieving the bolt load on even distribution. The torque value is manually set to apply to the bolted joints. The tool has an accuracy of +/-4% in a clockwise direction from 20 to 100% Max. torque and are tested/ calibrated. Tool range from 65 to 100 Nm and square drive range from ½ – ¾’’. Designed to fit BS1560 / ANSI B16.5 / API flanges.
  • 5 – Stage Flange Tags is used for tracking, traceability, and accountability of all bolted connections. GPPSL flange tags have clear flange status with their color-coded tear-off sections. They are tear-resistant and water-resistant tags. Flange status for breaking containment, flange inspection, assembling, tightening and testing.
  • Hydraulic nut Splitter is designed to solve the disassembling and replacement difficulty of bolts and nuts in a rapid, convenient, safe and efficient manner without using flame or electric welding or damaging the bolt threads. It is a more reliable and effective method for removing seized and corroded nuts. The nut splitter works with the High-pressure hand pump at a maximum working pressure of 700 Bar.
  • Flange Spreader are used in separating flanges and bringing space to do the surface repair of the flanges and the change of gaskets efficiently without constraints or retraction and flange damage. It is designed to work with at least an access gap of 6mm between flanges. It works with the High-pressure hand pump at a maximum working pressure of 700 Bar.