Nitrogen Pumping, Purging & Testing

The unique properties of liquid and gaseous nitrogen offer a wide range of capabilities to both onshore and offshore oil, gas and petrochemical industrials. Used predominantly during plant maintenance shutdown and start-up operations, nitrogen purging, and subsequent nitrogen/helium leak testing form a critical path to the success of any project.

GPPS nitrogen equipment can provide nitrogen to gas at flow rates up to 3,000 scf/min, and at pressure ranging from nominal purging requirement up to 10,000 psi. Access to variable flow and pressure can result in time savings critical to any plant shutdown.

GPPS has a wide range of Nitrogen Pumps capable of delivering flow rates of 180,000scf/hr and pressure of 10,000psig. GPPS also has a fleet of specialized ISOPACK 2,000USG liquid Nitrogen Tanks, with an operation pressure of 6barg.

Nitrogen Pumping Equipment being loaded out
Nitrogen Pumping Equipment being loaded out
Liquid Nitrogen Tanks at GPPS base
Liquid Nitrogen Tanks at GPPS base

Applications for Nitrogen

  • Nitrogen purging- displacement/dilution (pressure cycle)
  • Nitrogen Foam inerting and displacement
  • Helium leak testing
  • Nitrogen pigging
  • Nitrogen drying
  • Nitrogen pressure testing
  • Nitrogen high velocity jetting/flushing
  • Nitrogen mothballing